Hard and soft water

What’s the difference?

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What causes hard water?

When it rains, the water falling from the clouds is completely soft, it is not until the rain hits the ground that it begins to absorb minerals found within the earth.


Hard water areas

Chalk and magnesium areas in the UK stem down from the East coast of England across to Wales and down to Dorset.


Soft water areas

Granite areas are so hard that water cannot permeate through it, so rain water will simply run-off the surface.


Naturally soft vs softened water

If you’ve been on holiday to Cornwall, Wales or Scotland, you’ve probably experienced the beauty of naturally soft water – your skin might have felt softer, you might have found you were using too much soap in the shower and noticed that the bathroom and kitchen where you were staying stayed cleaner, shinier and brighter.Softened water, by name association, is very similar, except ion-exchanged softened water is much softer than naturally soft water.This means that your skin will feel much softer, your hair will be silkier and you will use as much as 50% less soaps and detergents than you would use in a naturally soft water area, which is of course less than you would use anyway in a typical hard water area.A premium quality water softener will typically pay for itself within 3-6 years, and could last in excess of 20 years.

Our Customers

The water now tastes better...

A good investment for any household. The water now tastes better with tea and coffee flavours greatly enhanced. We use less detergent for clothes washing and less soap, shampoo and shaving cream. More importantly, the water pipes and storage tank will be completely descaled over time. The unit itself, uses no electricity and operates silently. It fits under the kitchen sink without taking up much room. The only item needed are replacement salt blocks which last a few weeks at a time but these are very easy to replace and the benefits gained are worthwhile. I would recommend it and its made in Britain!

British made with a 10 year warranty!

I've had a powered water softener for years, but replaced it when the control unit started leaking. To be honest I now think it wasn't working for some time. Within a week of installing the Minimax, my normally dry, brittle hair is calm and luxurious! The water doesn't 'taste weird' like it used to, and the idea that I do not have to even consider the unit's operation, let alone worry about it, is great. I did look around at other similar models, but I preferred the price of this one, and that its British made with the 10 year warranty. I couldn't see any additional benefit for a couple more £100s for the competitors' models.