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Eliminate Limescale

Limescale is the deposit left behind by hard water, made up of calcium and magnesium compounds. It causes scaling of heater elements in kettles, dishwashers and washing machines, resulting in expensive premature failure and shortened life of the appliance.Scale in your pipes and hot water cylinder will increase your heating costs considerably. Figures show that just ¼” (6mm) of scale will increase your water heating costs by 50%. Hard water also causes unsightly deposits of limescale on sink surfaces, taps and shower screens meaning that extra cleaning time and harsh chemical cleaners are needed to remove it.

How Water Softeners Help

Water softeners replace the hardness minerals in water which cause limescale with sodium, this is done through a process of ion exchange. As water is passed through the ion exchange resin in the softener, it captures the calcium and magnesium ions as they pass and releases the sodium ions.Softened water will remove all the existing built up scale from your plumbing work and keep it that way, which leaves you to enjoy the saving on your heating bills.The benefits of scale free water are most obvious in the kitchen with hard work and harsh cleaning products a thing of the past. A quick wipe over will leave your kitchen sparkling and any existing lime scale build-up on your kitchen appliances will be removed for good and the elements in your kettle and dishwasher will shining like new for years longer.

Our Customers

The water now tastes better...

A good investment for any household. The water now tastes better with tea and coffee flavours greatly enhanced. We use less detergent for clothes washing and less soap, shampoo and shaving cream. More importantly, the water pipes and storage tank will be completely descaled over time. The unit itself, uses no electricity and operates silently. It fits under the kitchen sink without taking up much room. The only item needed are replacement salt blocks which last a few weeks at a time but these are very easy to replace and the benefits gained are worthwhile. I would recommend it and its made in Britain!

British made with a 10 year warranty!

I've had a powered water softener for years, but replaced it when the control unit started leaking. To be honest I now think it wasn't working for some time. Within a week of installing the Minimax, my normally dry, brittle hair is calm and luxurious! The water doesn't 'taste weird' like it used to, and the idea that I do not have to even consider the unit's operation, let alone worry about it, is great. I did look around at other similar models, but I preferred the price of this one, and that its British made with the 10 year warranty. I couldn't see any additional benefit for a couple more £100s for the competitors' models.