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The Minimax M2 Water Softener

The British-made M2 Minimax comes with a 10 year warranty and uses easy-to-load block salt meaning that it is easy to refill and maintain.

The Minimax Major

The Minimax Major has been designed to deal with the demands of a large modern home or business. It is compact enough to fit inside kitchen units due to a twin cabinet design.

The Big Blue

The Big Blue really is the ultimate high capacity water softener. The Big Blue has a larger cabinet that holds over 65kgs of salt, so it doesn’t need refilling as often.

How Do Water Softeners Work

The purpose of a water softener in your home is to remove the minerals in hard water that cause limescale, amongst other problems such as dry skin and hair.The cylinders in the softener contain resin beads which filter out the hard water minerals through a process called ion exchange. The benefit of having a twin cylinder softener is that your home is supplied with softened water 24/7, with no interruption.

10 Year Parts Guarantee

Our Minimax water softeners come with a 10 year parts guarantee.They softeners are built to last and we can guarantee that they will save you money, remove your scale and provide you with softened water all day, every day.

Our Customers

The water now tastes better...

A good investment for any household. The water now tastes better with tea and coffee flavours greatly enhanced. We use less detergent for clothes washing and less soap, shampoo and shaving cream. More importantly, the water pipes and storage tank will be completely descaled over time. The unit itself, uses no electricity and operates silently. It fits under the kitchen sink without taking up much room. The only item needed are replacement salt blocks which last a few weeks at a time but these are very easy to replace and the benefits gained are worthwhile. I would recommend it and its made in Britain!

British made with a 10 year warranty!

I've had a powered water softener for years, but replaced it when the control unit started leaking. To be honest I now think it wasn't working for some time. Within a week of installing the Minimax, my normally dry, brittle hair is calm and luxurious! The water doesn't 'taste weird' like it used to, and the idea that I do not have to even consider the unit's operation, let alone worry about it, is great. I did look around at other similar models, but I preferred the price of this one, and that its British made with the 10 year warranty. I couldn't see any additional benefit for a couple more £100s for the competitors' models.