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The Minimax Innova Water Softener

Softened water for your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The Minimax Innova - Key Features

Parallel system
Continuous fresh water supply. No water is left in a cylinder for a period of time
Twin cylinder
Twin cylinder design allows 24/7 softened water with no interruptions.
Non – electric - Greater efficiency and low running costs
10 year parts warranty
Dimensions – H 487mm x W 202mm x D 438mm
The cabinet is made from 62% recycled Polypropylene from a clean source
Curved mini block salt
Nearly half the weight of previous block salt making it much easier to load
Robust testing
1 million test cycles to make our product robust and reliable.
Advanced resin beads
Using the highest grade resin allows more efficient capture of limescale particles.
Designed and manufactured here in the UK by Harveys, Europe’s leading manufacturer of water softeners. The Minimax Innova is the latest v5 water softener, the most reliable, compact and environmentally friendly softener available on the market.

The Minimax Innova is compact enough to fit under your sink, perfect for everyday home use. Using a unique twin cylinder design, the twin cylinders work together to supply your home with softened water 24/7. The Minimax Innova is non-electric and only regenerates when necessary, saving energy and lowering running costs. Rigorously tested to over 1 million cycles at our factory, you have the confidence it is the most reliable water softener on the market.

How it works. It is a simple process that works through ion exchange. Both cylinders are filled with resin that traps the calcium and magnesium hardness minerals allowing softened water to enter your home.

Regeneration process. When one cylinder has reached its full capacity it will then shut off to do a quick cleaning process which takes around eleven minutes, but do not fear the second cylinder will still be serving your home so there is never a break in the system. Leaving you with softened water 24/7. That’s the beauty of the twin cylinder design.

The whole process is powered by your own water pressure.

Your Minimax Innova water softener is super easy to care for – you won’t need regular service appointments, the only thing you’ll need to do is refill it with block salt when it runs out. Without block salt your water softener can’t regenerate and continue to soften your water.

The Minimax Innova - About

Slide How Our Water Softeners Work The Science The ion exchange is integral to the effectiveness of the water softener. The process involves the resin in your water softener’s twin cylinders which is made of tiny polymeric beads that are specially formulated so that they can be charged with certain ions.

Calcium and magnesium are the causes of scale and scum in hard water, they are referred to as ions. The resin acts as a filter so when water passes through it the calcium and magnesium swap places with the sodium.

Sodium salts are highly soluble, unlike calcium and magnesium, so does not cause scale or scum. When all the sodium ions have been exchanged for calcium or magnesium, the resin must be regenerated by recharging it with sodium ions. This is done by flushing the resin with salt solution (brine).