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The Minimax Major Water Softener

Softened water for your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The Minimax Major - Key Features

Suitable for gravity fed/tank systems, combination boilers and Mega flow systems
10 year parts warranty
Economical – low salt consumption
No regular maintenance / servicing
- Softener H 500mm x D 440mm x W 250mm
- Salt cabinet H 390mm x D 440mm x W 250mm
Peak Flow Rate: 80 ltr/min
Twin cylinder
Non – electric
This water softener is split into two cabinets – the actual softener and the salt storage tank which are connected via a pipe
Meter controlled – regenerates when it needs to (eliminates salt/water wastage)
24/7 softened water
Block or tablet salt can be used in this water
Suited to larger households
The Minimax Major is designed and engineered with the most advanced twin cylinder technology, with a bigger capacity.

This allows the water softener to deal with the demands of a business or large home, managing up to 3-4 bathrooms. It can run on both tablet salt or block salt, providing hassle free softened water 24/7.

The Minimax Major - About

Slide How Our Water Softeners Work The Science The ion exchange is integral to the effectiveness of the water softener. The process involves the resin in your water softener’s twin cylinders which is made of tiny polymeric beads that are specially formulated so that they can be charged with certain ions.

Calcium and magnesium are the causes of scale and scum in hard water, they are referred to as ions. The resin acts as a filter so when water passes through it the calcium and magnesium swap places with the sodium.

Sodium salts are highly soluble, unlike calcium and magnesium, so does not cause scale or scum. When all the sodium ions have been exchanged for calcium or magnesium, the resin must be regenerated by recharging it with sodium ions. This is done by flushing the resin with salt solution (brine).