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Get a free quote now! Europe’s No. 1 in Water Softening Technology "Dear Customer,
We guarantee the following:

Softened Water
We guarantee that if you purchase one of our twin cylinder water softeners from us your water will always be less than one degree of hardness, regardless of the amount of water you use.

Scale Removal
We guarantee that our softened water will remove the scale in your kettle within 6 weeks, from around your heat exchanger within 6 months and from all your pipework within 2 years. We also guarantee that the gradual dissolving of existing lime scale will not cause any leaks.

You will save money
We guarantee that when you fit one of our water softeners, you will enjoy a reduction in soap powders and cleaning products by more than 50%. Furthermore, we also can guarantee that the removal of scale from heat exchangers will reduce your hot water heating bill by the amount shown in the 1949 Government Report by the Ministry of Health.

Water Softener
We guarantee your Minimax Water Softener against faulty parts for the life of the warranty from the date of installation"

The Minimax Guarantee

Why Minimax?

When choosing your Minimax, you are choosing a future-proof water softener that is designed to meet the demands of busy lifestyles and homes today. With a 10 year guarantee, the softener is built to last and you can even take it with you when you move home.

The Minimax Water Softener company was instrumental in writing the British Standard BS EN 14743 to raise the standards of water softening in the United Kingdom and today build all of our softeners to meet the rigorous demands of this high specification. All of our softeners, plus installation kits and components are fully compliant with WRAS regulatory standards.

British Products designed for British Homes

All Minimax water softener systems are designed and hand-built in Woking, Surrey by a dedicated team of individuals. If you would like to arrange a tour of the factory and meet the team, contact Minimax and they will invite you in.

The Minimax range is expertly designed to be suitable for every type of home, plumbing system and even high flow megaflow cylinders and multiple power showers.
Minimax have a list of guarantees to give you peace of mind when choosing your water softener.

The Minimax Guarantee

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